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About Jeff Koke Design

Creative services and design firms run the gamut from individual freelancers who work out of their inbox, to full-service advertising agencies who have to charge you for the janitor who cleans the account manager's office. I fall somewhere in the middle. My clients tell me they want a firm who is capable and professional enough to handle all of their needs, but who won't charge them so much that they wonder what they are paying for.

Jeff Koke Design offers agency-quality work from a veteran designer with a broad range of services for far less than what you'd normally pay an advertising agency for the same work. The benefits of working with me are:

Speed: I've never seen a project that wasn't on a tight deadline. Everything is needed yesterday, so the only way to satisfy my clients is to work extremely fast. Turnaround time for most projects is measured in days, not weeks.

Quality: I pride myself in producing work that not only fits your business objectives, but is something you'll want to show off to your colleagues and business partners. I am attentive to detail and highly organized.

Experience: I have a wide range of talents and expertise. My client list is impressive and covers many industries with an abundance of expertise in software, technology and the Internet. I have serviced Fortune 500 companies as well as sole proprietorships and many clients in between – all with the same professionalism, speed and quality.

Results: I measure my performance by watching yours. Strategic Design means I create deliverables that drive sales, make the phone ring, keep customers smiling and whatever else your business goals require.

Ultimately, I see my firm as the perfect middle ground between overpriced agencies and underskilled freelancers. I am versatile and seasoned enough to handle most creative services needs and efficient enough to charge a reasonable amount for them.