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Ideas are the soul of your business. They fuel your growth, inspire your staff and hopefully entice your customers. My job is to turn your ideas into beautifully executed reality. With creativity, hard work and a little magic, the possibilities are unlimited. Talk to me, and let your ideas fly.

From The Blog
One of my favorite type of project is logo design. I've done over 100 logos since I began freelance work in 2000 -- you can see 80 of them collected here. It gives me a bit of special pride when I see one of my logos "in the real world." I have presented a few examples in this post.  Read More...
Posted by: jeff on Dec 26

How to Beat Creative Block
Everyone has heard of "writer's block", the inability for a professional writer to get the right words down on the page. Designers experience a similar thing, that I call "Creative Block". Sometimes it's just something that happens on a particular day -- I can't get going on anything, and nothing I design pleases me. Other times, it's a specific project that I'm stuck on and I end up frustrated and tossing out design after design.  Read More...
Posted by: jeff on Dec 23

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Jeff Koke Design is an austin-based graphic design firm that helps innovative companies execute on their ideas. While I can handle any kind of marketing project, I specialize in...

Corporate Image and Brand   

From naming, logos and identity through the design of collateral, print ads and trade show graphics, I build brands that work.

Presentation Graphics   

I use clear, compelling graphics to visually articulate complex ideas. Make your next deck sing.

Web and Multimedia   

I believe Web sites should be clean and intuitive, quickly guiding your visitors to the information they need.

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My interface design and usability testing takes your application from concept to reality.